Sunday, October 16, 2011

Summer Fun!

Beware of five million picts... Family pict on the hiking trail

Skyler Killed his toe...OUCH!
Kenz and I got hair cuts
Kenz and I presented at an audiology conference at USU, she was the star of the show on Cochlear Implants!
Tiffany and Suzette Panter at Shane Panter's wedding
Last hike before school starts
Kids on their first day of school, notice Kenzie's crying eyes
Waiting on the parade to begin in downtown Logan
Skyler and a few of his new friends he caught
Kenzie rolled 6 5's in Farkle, we were pretty excited!
Ward tug-o war
Visiting Papa Kent's grave in Coalville

Me and my boy
Kenz and Grandma Sharon
Playing in the park after the Farmer's Market
Dad and Kenz horseback riding
Copying statues :)
Skyler's 11th birthday
Logan, Utah temple
Hyrum Resevoir
My tree climbing boy

Kenzie Rapelling
Getting ready for dinner at the Biddulph family camp out
So again since I let my blog go for several months, it would take me about that long to blog about all the fun things we got to do this summer, so I am going to take a minute and just make a list. I wish I had time to include all the details, but at least my kids can read this list and hopefully remember the fun times. Aside from the move, little money was spent, just a ton of togetherness and community events! So here is goes:
  • Swimming in the gorgeous Hyrum Reservoir
  • Watermelon eating contests
  • Tons of face painting
  • Long hikes up the Logan Canyon River Trail
  • A number of different parades (Nibley Heritage days, Pioneer Day, 4th of July, Paradise Parade, Labor Day Parade, USU Homecoming Parade) Bags of candy have been caught and consumed...
  • Fireworks galore for about a month straight
  • Goodies delivered to us from thoughtful neighbors
  • Biddulph family reunion(great food, games, boating/tubing, rappelling, and warm sunshine)
  • Jeremy and Skyler rode with Wayne to Phoenix for Timmy and Katie Devey's wedding
  • Bradley's missionary farewell to Brazil (good luck to one of the coolest young men around)
  • Several overnight visits from my mommy! (which meant late night foot rubs, conversation, tons of Farkle, and fun)
  • My best childhood friend Shelly Nuttall Harris and her family stopped by for a visit
  • Aunt Jeanie and her boys Spencer and Danny spent a few days
  • Weekly trips to the Logan temple (Oh how that has blessed our lives)
  • Nights around the fire pit roasting marshmallows
  • Running into competitors from the Biggest Loser Rulon and Justin on several occasions
  • Getting to have a couple meals with Wayne & Michelle Devey and their kiddos
  • Skyler's 11th birthday (He is growing up way too fast, I love my buddy)
  • Eating Aggie Ice cream (well a couple times, it is a bit pricey, but oh so good)
  • Planting a garden (we had many spaghetti squash, strawberries, tomatoes, one VERY tiny watermelon, and one stalk of corn that somehow got into our garden??? )
  • Family Fun Fridays (with board games, movies, and popcorn)
  • Swimming at the USU gym for free (Yay for university perks)
  • Backyard camp outs
  • Horseback riding at Karl White's house (Head of NCHAM at USU)
  • Farmer's market at the park
  • Catching frogs at Skylor's pond (No fish, but plenty of huge frogs, don't worry they were not eaten)
  • Skyler and his snake catching frenzy in the ditch (he brought home 4 unhappy snakes in one afternoon)
  • Starting a special diet with Jeremy and exercising with him each night, well that started in September, current pictures will come once we notice a difference...
  • Oh and one of the most special thing has been watching my kids make TONS of neighborhood friends, they would be gone from sun-up till sun-down if we would let them. They rotate between our house and about 4 other houses having SO much fun!
Well that about covers our summer, it has definitely been our favorite summer since we got married 12 years ago.

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