Sunday, October 16, 2011

Where to Begin

Oops a sideways view of our backyard
Kenz working getting the garden ready
Kenz ready for her first Sunday in our new ward (Maple Valley Ward)
Jeremy washing the car at our new home~
Sound Beginnings my new second home and workplace

So a TON has happened since my last post. Many life changing events have occurred. I applied for a job up in Utah at a Deaf Oral Ed school called Sound Beginnings. It is located in a gorgeous building on the Utah State University campus. It was a very great opportunity, I would work with the DHH kiddos as well as the graduate students at USU. I was hesitant to apply, but Jeremy had a feeling I should look for jobs in Utah, Sound Beginnings immediately came to mind since I had heard such wonderful things from them from colleagues I had worked with in Phoenix at Kenzie's school. I had also been asked to send a resume up to SB long before I ever applied. I did not do it because I really did love my students in Yuma and all of my co-workers, and with Jeremy having been so sick over the past couple of years, I didn't even think moving was a possibility. However, after a little prayer, everything immediately fell into place. I officially submitted my application and was contacted right away. I had a phone interview with several people from SB and was told I would be contacted in a few days about the possibility of flying up to UT for a face-to-face interview. After the stressful thirty to forty-five minute phone interview with the room full of people, I hung up the phone and was shaking like a leaf. I told myself at that moment that everything would go however the Lord wanted it to. I said a prayer of thanks for not totally going blank during the process and right as I said "amen" the phone rang telling me they were VERY interested in me and would like to fly me up to Logan to meet them in person. So that was when the whole whirlwind began. This was back in May and I was still teaching and hadn't said a word about anything to my sweet boss Kim Kosmata, we really had a strong relationship and I was scared to death to tell her about the possible job. I figured out that if I took one day off from school I could manage flying to UT and back without being suspicious. That day I couldn't shake the thought that I needed to tell her that I was applying for another job. I wanted her to start thinking about it so that it wouldn't just be me giving my two weeks notice if I did in fact get the job. So I sat down and let her know, tears were shed by both of us, but I assured her nothing was certain, she told me that once they met me I would get the job (such a confidence booster). So after flying to UT, I went to breakfast with the head of the NCHAM department and the director of Sound Beginnings. I ate one egg and tried hard not to throw up right then and there. I knew it was going to be a long day. So I ended up meeting the staff at SB, the speech therapists, audiologists, the professors, more people from NCHAM, each person had several minutes alone with me to ask me questions and basically get an opinion of me. Then I was able to meet the students and lead an activity with them. During my time with the students, the staff watched me from the observation room (talk about intimidating) Oh and you are also on video 24/7 there for research purposes with the grad students and NCHAM center, I was a nervous wreck. My day went well though and before hurrying to catch my flight back to AZ they told me they really liked me and would offer me the job on the spot, but out of fairness, they had to honor their last few interview appointments. So after my mom drove me to the airport, it was back to AZ to finish out my last IEPs for the year and start wrapping things up. I knew we would be switching classrooms at Desert Mesa, so it wasn't odd that I was packing up the stuff I wouldn't be using the rest of the year. On the second to last day of school, I got the call from Sound Beginnings asking me to join their team and consider their offer. It was so exciting and scary at the same time. I told my boss and again tears were shed, but she was absolutely wonderful, she took me out for lunch, gave me a nice graduation card and going away gift of 3 Willow Tree angels. My time working with her and the rest of the staff from Arizona State Schools For the Deaf and Blind will stay with me forever. To make a long story short, we packed up, mom came and helped me deep clean our house, and we moved to Utah 2 weeks later. Jeremy's dad Wayne drove the U-haul up for us since Jeremy is not supposed to drive with his seizure disorder. It was great having Wayne there as we traveled. We stayed the night in St. George at Jeremy's sister Dru's house, the kids had a blast playing with their cousins. Dru even gave us an awesome bunk bed for Makenzie's room! Oh and I almost killed Kenzie's fish twice during our move, transferring him into a cup of water for the long drive, he fell into the disposal and I was reaching all around for him, thankfully he happened to jump into my hand. The next day as we stopped for lunch on our trip, we went into McDonalds and ate, I completely forgot about him there in my cup holder. If you are familiar with AZ, you know that your car gets was over 120 degrees when it is shut up there in the sun, I got to the car and he was floating at the top of the glass in the hot water. So I quickly threw ice cubes in the glass and after a few minutes he began to swim again....(Poor "Jimmy" that is Kenzie's Beta's name). All in all we made it to Utah the next day and we have been in Heaven ever since! Here is the building where I work!


Tara said...

Sounds like a great opportunity and they are very lucky to have you. I'm excited about you being in UT - Tami told me that you stopped by a few weeks ago. We'll have to come visit some time when we are up for a small drive.

Tia said...

so so happy for you guys! What a wonderful story and I agree I can just picture the staff meeting you and wanting you right away I can picture you doing the interview and interacting with the kids and them loving you!!! Miss you!

bematheson said...

I am so glad you guys are loving it! You all seem so happy and deserve it so much! I love your haircuts, Menzies hair is way cute short! However I do miss getting to see you guys every few months! love you all!

Beverley said...

So glad everything is going so well with you guys, we need to meet up some weekend since we aren't that far away. luv ya Beve