Sunday, November 6, 2011

First Snow and Visitors

So we experienced a few firsts this week. We had our first Logan snow, our first experience shoveling a driveway and deck, our children's first snowball fight, our first Logan snowman, the first time my brother came to visit us in Logan, and our dog Annie's first time ever in the snow. Friday night we spent an awesome evening with Uncle Sam and Grandma Sharon. Mom took us all to Golden Corral for dinner, it was quite delicious! The reason mom and Sam were here is they flew down earlier this week to attend the funeral of our dear family friend Kelly Panter who passed away unexpectedly. That was a heart wrenching funeral to attend, such a special man who left behind 8 brothers and sisters, his parents, his gorgeous wife and 4 children. Our prayers have definitely been in behalf of his sweet family. Friday night as we were getting the kiddos to bed, we were so excited to look out the window and see the beautiful white snowflakes. The kids about jumped out of their skin with excitement. Kenzie set her stool by the back door and just watched it for about an hour, I overheard her telling her dad that it was the "most magical moment of her entire life." Having our Christmas decorations up just made it even more "magical." I honestly don't know how people can see all of God's amazing creations and deny that he exists. Saturday morning we woke up to several inches of gorgeous snow, then the fun really began. Skyler and Kenzie were literally outside from sun-up till sun-down. The nice thing was it wasn't that cold outside once the sun came up. We loved it, but I found myself wondering how soon it would be until the newness wore off. I was definitely not a fan of the several pairs of wet pants and socks I kept finding as the kids would come home for something, change their clothes, and then be gone again. Even with the frustration from the extra laundry, it was the perfect day. The memories they are making will last them a lifetime. Uncle Sam bought a couple of Papa Murphy's pizzas for dinner and instantly gained hero status in the eyes our kids. We adults played several games of Phase 10 and Farkle and sipped our hot chocolate and herbal teas, it was a GREAT day! I am so glad my family got to come visit for a few days, the time just went way too fast.
Annie was not a fan of the snow!
Our kids were HUGE fans!
I LOVE SNOW!!!!!!!!
Our little snowman Martin!
Deck almost cleared off, what strong guys!
Jacket shopping at the crack of dawn...hence the sleepy eyes!
My Love!
Me, Mom, and Sam
Our little family!

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