Sunday, November 13, 2011

Girls Day!

A co-worker of mine wanted to take my boss Stacy and me and go on a day trip to Salt Lake city. I was hesitant at first to go because I didn't want to leave Jeremy and the kids on my day off. I had decided not to go, but when I told Jeremy he told me that I really needed to go and get to know the people I work with better and just have some fun. So, since he was encouraging me to go, Saturday morning at 8:30 our trip began. It was rainy and awful weather when we left Logan, but SLC was clear and cool. First we went to Gardner Village which was this "mall" of sorts. There were many outdoor old looking homes, but each one was a special store. We walked around looking at all the fun stuff, eating hot bread with cheese on it, mmmm (I made yesterday my cheat day). As we left the outdoor Gardner Village, snow began to fall. Next, we went to Tai Pan and shopped around. I have to say the cold weather, the snow falling outside, the Christmas music playing, and everything all decked out in Christmas decor sure made me excited and happy! I love the Christmas season so much! After Tai Pan we ate an awesome lunch at Pei Wei! Janet bought Stacy and I a small bundt cake from Every Thing Bundt Cake, oh my goodness, it was amazing! Then when we were done there we headed over to Overstock .com, there was not much there, it is one of those "hit and miss" stores. Then we headed over to the mall so Stacy could get a new iPhone from the Apple store. While she was phone shopping, Janet and I had fun shopping around the Anne Taylor loft, it was their grand opening so everything was 40% off, they had servers walking around in suits with trays of glasses of water and lemonade on them. They also had a professional DJ there livening the place up, it was funny to see that in the mall. Our last mall stop was at Sees Candy, mmm that was the first candy I have tasted in like a month, it was delicious. After the mall we took Stacy on a tour of downtown SLC, my favorite part was definitely the SLC temple, it is just absolutely breathtaking. Then we made a final stop at Johnny Cappuchis (I think that was the name???) Janet needed some authentic Italian food to take home. She bought rolls, special cheese, olives, and salami. It was a pretty cool place, it felt like the kind of store you would find in NYC or Chicago. It was fun chatting all day with adults and I only spent 10 bucks, BONUS! I love ALL my co-workers, they are such great people and they make my job so much fun! I feel so blessed to be able to live and work here in Logan.
View from the car of the Salt Lake City temple
Janet in one of the cute chairs in Gardner Village

*A special thanks to Janet for touring us around SLC and spoiling us as well, it was so much fun. On another note, it dumped snow in Logan, our basketball hoop fell over and literally was within 2 inches of my bosses car that she left parked in my driveway, that was definitely a close call...

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