Sunday, November 6, 2011


Last week we had our first Halloween here in Utah, it was so much fun! The kids each told me that they thought it was the best Halloween they had ever had. Nothing crazy or out of the ordinary, but they had great fun at school. They ate mummy hot dogs for dinner. Kenzie dressed up as a Utah State Aggie cheerleader. Skyler dressed up as a vampire. Jeremy was Gumby and I was a bumblebee. It was kind of funny because Jeremy and I wore the same costumes we wore 12 years ago on our first Halloween as husband and wife. The kids and I went with several other kids from around the neighborhood and trick-or-treated till their buckets were full. Kenzie and I were invited to a back yard where they were frying up fresh homemade scones and had hot chocolate. It was a lot of fun! Also earlier in the day at my school we also had a ton of fun with our Halloween trick-or-treating, goodies, stories, crafts, pinata, and the cutest little Deaf and Hard of Hearing kiddos around!

Pumpkin carving with the family!

Our pumpkins with the cochlear implants. I just realized my shirt has something wet all over it, nice..
Our pumpkins lit up!
Here is the picture of us from 12 years ago, before he cut the face out of Gumby!
Where has the time gone, it feels like just yesterday that last picture took place!
That is the picture of my stinger taking Mr. Gumby down!
My handsome vampire, "Edward" has nothing on this kid!
My little Utah State Aggie fan!
Beautiful MaKenzie!
Trick-or-treating with neighbors!
Me and my super cute pumpkin (don't worry, her mom sent me this pict on FB, I have permission to share it).

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