Sunday, November 27, 2011

Happy 33rd to Me!

So this year I didn't dread my birthday thinking of the finals I had coming up, or the papers I had to write. Instead this year I happily welcomed in the day (yay for being done with college)! I awoke to Jeremy and the kids making breakfast for me. The kids informed me I could not leave my room for a bit, so I locked myself in the bathroom and took a bath and read a book until I heard them say it was safe to come out. I came out to find posters hung near the ceiling they had made wishing me a happy birthday! They also had their presents wrapped and on the table. We ate together and they anxiously watched as I opened their precious gifts. Skyler bought me a pottery egg at school from his art teacher, he saved up his 50 cents to do so, then he painted it himself and wrote a message for me on it (So Sweet, I have always wanted to have a golden egg, now I do). Kenzie bought me a soap dish from the dollar store with her own money too, I love it! Jeremy got me a wallet since my last one kicked the bucket a while ago. Gotta have a place to put my mountains of cash, right ;) After I got ready for the day, we picked up one of Kenzie's friends and went to the park for a bit, the kids had a blast playing princesses, Skyler was such a sport and agreed to be the villian who hunted the princesses. It was all fun until a certain princess took it a little too far and kicked her brother, the villian, in the chest leaving a huge painful, shoeprint. He couldn't breath for a moment and couldn't help but cry. That was our cue to take Kenzie's friend home and come home ourselves. After the apology, Kenz and Skyler were back to being buddies again (he is soooooo patient with her). We came home and dropped the kids off and went and saw the movie Breaking Dawn, it was the first movie we have seen in a year. It was a lot of fun, we ate our weight in popcorn, and enjoyed every piece! After the movie we came home and played UNO with the kids and they ate dinner, we were too full from the popcorn. Then we had cake and watched Captain America, it was a great birthday! I feel so blessed to be where I am and with the people I am with. Life definitely has it's challenges, but those challenges bring us closer together and closer to our Savior. I can truthfully say "Life is Good!"
Fuzzy picture of me blowing out my candles
My pretty cake!

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