Sunday, November 27, 2011

Hardest Day EVER for Kenz

So to keep this LITTLE kid friendly, I will not go into too many details, but Kenzie came into my room asking a very important question about Christmas and specifics about it..... She is now almost 9 and I didn't feel right side-stepping her question, so I answered her tenderly and expressed my love for her. We talked about the importance and the real reason for Christmas. She completely lost it, sobbing wildly and saying that her life was "RUINED FOREVER!" She wanted to have amnesia so that she would "never remember the worst day of her life." After sobbing for a while, it hit her that there were a few other things that she inadvertently learned were not as she had thought (involving loose teeth and colorful eggs). This sent her spiraling into the depths of despair. I knew when she "learned" it would be extremely hard on her since she is the queen of magical lands and pretending mermaids and fairies exist. It took several hours before she was able to get herself under control. I tried every strategy I could think of to help her get excited about Christmas and being a part of the "magic" now. Anyways, Jeremy and I still remember how we found out and how heartbroken we were, so I wanted to document a little of Kenzie's experience for her to share with her children one day. Here she is in her time of sadness, this was one of my saddest times as a parent so far, she was crushed beyond belief. On a happier note, she had a VERY special experience in the bathroom after the sad morning. To some it may sound silly, but to us it was incredible. I was in the bathroom getting ready for the day, she was sitting on the floor crying and just saying over and over, "I need there to be more" the second she said that the lights in our bathroom turned off and came back on. She immediately went silent and said, "did you see what I just saw?" I definitely did, she said she thought it was a sign from Heavenly Father letting her know that magic/miracles are still around us. That was all it took and she was happy and felt privileged to have had that experience the rest of the day. I had to pray and give thanks for that as well because I was out of ideas to help her feel better. She has been fine ever since.

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