Sunday, November 20, 2011

Shopping, Play, and Girls Day!

So Makenzie had $20.00 from the sale of something on ebay. She was so excited to go Christmas shopping with her money. I thought for sure she would end up just spending it on herself, but she was so excited to buy her family gifts. She picked out presents for Dad and Skyler and then had me wait at the check-out stand while she grabbed something she had in mind for me. She gave the lady her money, paid for it, and then hid the bag behind her back. In the car she busted out with a beef stick for both of us and said, "Hey, mom, these are for us to eat and enjoy right now." The only thing she bought for herself other than the beef stick was a bag of M&Ms and a small cucumber face mask pouch. She She kept saying how she wished she had a ton of money and could buy me anything I wanted. She said that I always spoil her and Skyler and that it was her turn to spoil me. It was very sweet. I guess she knows how I feel now. I would love to buy presents for everyone I know, and shower my friends and family with gifts to help them know how much I care about them. Unfortunately, our pocketbook does not lend well to that. Oh well...after our shopping around town, we went to Sams Club and looked around and picked up trash bags and ate lunch. Later in the evening, Kenzie and I gathered up some can food to donate to the food pantry here in Logan and then went and watched a really fun play that a member of our ward wrote and produced. Kenzie absolutely LOVED it, it was a lot of fun! When the play ended we hurried to our car, it had gotten very cold over those two hours, it was only 7 degrees outside, brrrrrr. I had a great day with my little lady, I am so sad that she is growing up sooo fast, the things she thinks about and says are so mature now. Well most of it, she is also a little inappropriate at times. For instance, when I took a pie to our neighbors who came and cleared our driveway during the night she had one of those moments. I gave the man a pie and said thanks and talked to him outside in the driveway for about 1 minute or so. When I got in the car she says, "Mom are you and that man in love? I think you guys might love each other or something, you were both smiling and talking." I assured her I was not in love with anyone other than her sweet dad and that I would never be alone with another man, to which she replied well you were alone in the driveway.... She also thinks her young SLP at school and the older audiologist who collaborates with the SLP on her behalf are in love, I tell her they are both happily married and that the man could be the SLPs dad. She is such a funny girl, I think she has seen a little too many Nick and Disney channel shows. Oh and then today Jeremy and I were goofing around in the kitchen just being dorks and she was staring at us and says, watching the two of you makes me imagine being married to a man and in my own kitchen someday. She is in this "dreamy" phase right now and it makes us laugh all the time. I told her to enjoy being a kid and not worry about getting married for a VERY long time. They seriously grow up WAY too fast. Anyways, Kenz and I had a great mom/daughter day, I can't wait to take Skyler on our mom/son date next week! There is nothing better in this whole world than having a family to love and one who loves you "to the moon and back!" I have sooooo many things to be thankful for in my life!
A shot of the play we went to, "The Trouble With Pancakes"

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AudyCamp said...

Everytime you write about her I chuckle out loud. What a funny girl...her & Kaylea need to play together..seriously the next time you are here. They would keep us busting a gut. (of course our smartie pants boys too.)