Sunday, November 27, 2011


This has been the funnest Thanksgiving vacation of all time! Yes, we definitely missed our family members, but we had such a bonding weekend. Tuesday we had our Thanksgiving Feast at Sound Beginnings with our students, then of course we got to bring a ton of leftovers home, so my family feasted that night as well. Since the temple was going to be closed on our usual Wednesday night, Jeremy and I did our session Tuesday night instead. It was wonderful. Jeremy had some big doctors appointments on Wednesday that were a bit stressful and draining, but they ended up being good in the long run. Wednesday night we stayed up late with the kids and had a fun movie night and played games. Thursday we woke up and ate a family breakfast then watched the Thanksgiving parade, had wrestling matches, played Farkel, UNO, and Phase 10. We also did something we have never done before, we went out to eat for Thanksgiving dinner, it was quite busy at Golden Corral, but it was soooo good and the kids had a blast eating their hearts out at the desert bar! Jeremy and I were tough and didn't even cheat on our diets, but we got to eat some good food though, so it didn't bother us. After a great dinner, we came home and played more games, watched a movie, and got our kids to bed. Then I was privileged to take Jeremy on his first Black Friday experience ever. We went to Walmart and Shopko. We got pretty much everything we were hoping to get there. For those of you who know Jeremy, he is not a crowd person AT ALL. He about had a nervous breakdown (literally) but he had fun regardless and can't wait to do it again next year! We had such a fun family day! It was definitely a day to reflect on the many blessings we have to be Thankful for!
Skyler's snowman, notice the no shoes, no shirt, I had to reprimand him for running out like this, what a silly, tough boy. Trust me, he was clothed when he made the snowman, only during the picture did he run out like this.

Skyler took this picture of us on Thanksgiving, I love my Jeremy so much!
In line at Golden Corral

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