Sunday, August 19, 2012

End of Summer

I have not been on the blog all summer, so I guess since my last post was of our first days of summer, I will make this post about our ending days of summer. I am already back at work, I had two weeks off in June and 2 weeks off in August. The kids start school this Thursday :( Skyler will be a big 7th grader and Kenz will be in the 4th grade. I can't believe my kids are that old, time has just gone way too fast! I really wish I had posted about all our fun times this summer because I really can't remember half of the stuff we have done. How sad that I have to look at my pictures on Facebook to remember.  Perhaps I will just make a list of summer highlights, otherwise I will be typing on the computer all day.
Devey 2012 family reunion at the Jones family cabin (SO MUCH FUN)!!!!!!!
I presented at the 2012 AG Bell Convention in Scottsdale, AZ with my co-worker Marge our presentation was titled "Parents becoming professional providers to meet the needs of children with hearing loss: a dual prospective" Longest title in the world, our  presentation went very well, lots of people from the audience came up afterwards and hugged and thanked us for the presentation. A highlight of the trip was meeting up with my mom, sister, brother, and his girlfriend Brigette. We met at Oreganos and had a great visit!
While in Scottsdale, I also got to attend  Brandon's Nuttall's wedding, that was very fun! The Nuttalls took me to Olive Garden after the wedding before dropping me off at my hotel.
Our niece Kiley came and spent a week with us as did both Jeremy's parents and my mom. We went up to Bear Lake and Tony's Grove for the day. It was a lot of fun! Our company was very patient with our living conditions at the time since basically EVERYTHING we owned was in boxes since we were waiting to move into our new house. 

Wayne and Priscilla Devey
Alison and Jeremy Devey
Me and my mommy (Sharon Dobbs Biddulph)
Jeremy and his dad (Wayne Devey)
Grandparents and family waiting on our milkshakes at Bear Lake
Skyler caught a huge garter snake right when we got to Tony's Grove, yucky!
My sweet son turned 12 and received the priesthood! He loves passing the sacrament and today he gave his first talk in Sacrament Meeting, he did a wonderful job, I was so proud of him! 

Skyler went to his first scout camp and had an awesome week up at camp Bartlett! Jeremy was fortunate enough to be able to go with him and they had such a great time together!

A huge exciting event for us this summer was we were able to purchase a home again. It feels so good to be able to call this house OUR home, no landlords, no yard without sprinklers or gates, we love it here and are so grateful that the Lord directed us to this area when we first moved to Utah, the kids have such great friends and we absolutely LOVE our ward. Life is good and I often times tear up thinking of how much the Lord has blessed us and lead us to where we are today! Here are a few picts of the house, these were taken a few days after we moved in, so things have changed a little since then!

Kenzie's purple room
Living room

My favorite picture in the house
The basement
Jeremy's happy place, the man cave!

The front of our house
Part of our back yard
Kenzie's BFF from AZ Kendalyn Bybee and her family stopped by for a visit!
Jeremy's baby sister Melissa married Sam Whitmer in the Mesa Temple, it was scorching hot outside!Oh and a side not about half the family (including the bride) got a flu bug the day after the wedding, no fun!
Cousins Ryker, Kelvin, Johnny, Skyler, and Jacob
Me and my girl, MaKenzie
Me and my love
Jeremy and his parents, Wayne and Priscilla
Add the munchkins
On our way to the beach and Disney Land, there is the San Diego temple where we were married over 13 years ago.
Kenz at the beach making her sand castle
Skyler caught a crab
Jeremy caught a hermit crab
Kenz my little cutie pie!
Skyler getting doctored by the lifeguard after stepping on a barnacle (ouch)!I have to share my experience which will forever change how I play at the beach, at least this beach! I had both a lobster and a sting ray brush right pass my feet when I was in shin deep water. I was so creeped out! I have been to the beach a ton of times and have never seen anything that could potentially hurt me anywhere near where I swim/play. Hopefully I will get over my freakish fears and get back in the ocean again. Growing up I would get freaked out when the floating seaweed touched me, but this was a whole different experience, ughhh, why must I be a chicken!
The only picture of the 4 of us together at Disney and CA Adventures
Picture of the picture of us on the Tower of Terror, I look slightly terrified :)
We met up with Sam and Melissa who were on their honeymoon at DL, it was a lot of fun riding rides with them, we took them for ice cream on our way out of the park at midnight, it was a fabulous time and we feel so lucky to have been able to spend some special time with them! We love her choice of a husband. Oh and they were wearing the special glasses for the Star Tours ride, not starting a new trend!

He was not the chosen one...
My all-time favorite ride picture! Melissa looks like her new hubby is trying to kill her, I was doing my best to make a serious face as we plunged over the waterfall, it took every bit of self control not to scream and laugh! Jeremy and Kenz were having fun as well! That is Kenzie's and my favorite ride, "WE LOVE YOU SPLASH MOUNTAIN!"

I just had to post a picture of my boy, look at those cute dimples and that handsome face, I love my boy!

Skyler started football and LOVES it!

Wow, this post has taken hours and I didn't even really write anything about our summer, mostly just posted pictures, at least it will help us remember the fun times we had during the summer of 2012! I feel so blessed to have such an amazing family both immediate and extended. We loved visiting with everyone this summer. If anyone is ever up in the Logan area, come stay with us!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Kid History

                                                         Waiting for kid history
                                                     Sitting by my man waiting for it to start
                                                                   My handsome men!
Kids with some of the main Kid History guys!

My little buddy Skyler absolutely loves the web sensation "Kid History." They just released episode 9, if you have no idea what I am talking google it, quite fun and goofy! Anyways, episode 9 was set to premier the first week in June, the cast and their families travel around to different locations for the premiers, episode 9 was taking place 3 hours away in Rexburg, Idaho. The kids had their last day of school on Friday, June 1st. Jeremy and I thought it would be fun to surprise them and take them to the premier. They were completely shocked when they learned we were going to Idaho to the event and would spend the night in a hotel(I can count on 1 hand how many times they have spent the night in a hotel, they were stoked. The premier was lots of fun, we could have waited in the line for several hours after the show to meet them, but we were all tired, so we headed off to the hotel, making a stop for frozen custard on the way. The kids were in Heaven, their first taste of frozen custard, made them fans for life! We headed to the Super 8, the cheapest closest hotel we could find. The boys shared a bed and us girls shared a bed. Kenzie tossed and turned all night, I couldn't help but chuckle at how much she is like her dad when she sleeps! We woke up bright and early the next morning ate a continental breakfast and then we all went swimming in the hotel pool. After swimming we packed up and on our way to check out, we heard a lot of people in the lobby. Skyler ran up to me and was trying to whisper something in my ear, I missed it at first as I finished the check-out process, I finally got what he was telling me, the entire Kid History cast was eating breakfast in the lobby. I encouraged Skyler to say hi and then he and Kenz got pictures with them, they were super friendly and chatty. I didn't want to interrupt their breakfast anymore, but they kept talking, it was great. Skyler was soooo happy that we were frugal and stayed in the cheapest hotel we could find, or he definitely would have missed that opportunity. Here are some picts from our fun little road trip! We had to rush home afterwards because Kenzie had her first dance recital (great by the way)! I love times when we are all together and the kids can't just run off to play with friends, they have just grown up way too fast!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Boys and their Camping

I drove Jeremy and Skyler up to Green Canyon in North Logan this Thursday, they were going up a day early for the ward's Fathers and Sons camp out. After dropping them off, I took Kenz out for ice cream and we had a little girl's night, it was fun, but we missed our boys. As Devey luck would have it, a huge rain storm came in and they ended up spending the majority of the time in the tent eating sunflower seeds, reading Star Wars books, chatting, and freezing their booties off! Friday morning the rain let up and they went for a hike up to a big crevasse in the mountain side. Unfortunately a micro burst storm came back and soaked them from head to toe. I left work early to pick them up. I got them hot chocolate and took them home to thaw out. The Fathers and Sons camp out was cancelled and of course after the cancellation it turned into an absolutely gorgeous evening. Regardless of the rain and cancellation, they had a great father & son experience that I am sure they will not soon forget!
Drop off


               Kenz with her dog she earned for finally memorizing her 1-12 multiplacation facts
                   Skyler with the eggs he has gathered from our hens (sadly we just gave our hens away)
                      Kenz with Brownie, her favorite hen
               Jeremy and the kids fishing at Skylor's Pond.
6 of the 10 kids from our primary class enjoying smores in our backyard
Me and my little lady!