Saturday, January 7, 2012

A Yuma Christmas

What an amazing Christmas we had this year. The kids last day of school before break, we picked them up and headed to Yuma. Throughout the drive we shed our coats, pants, boots and exchanged for flip flops and "Yuma" attire. It was such an awesome time. We loved spending time with Jeremy's family. I also loved getting to spend time with my "adopted" family the Nuttalls. A highlight of the trip was playing Just Dance 3 on the Wii with Jeremy's parents! A few other highlights included:
-Going to lunch with my former boss and friend, Kim Kosmata.
-Christmas Eve with a ton of Jeremy's relatives coming over.
-Hearing about Jeremy's grandma's childhood Christmases.
-Going to the Wetlands park with Grandma,cousins, and friends.
-A beautiful Sacrament service on Christmas morning.
- Chili Pepper of course...
-Lunch with my best friend Shelly Nuttall Harris!
-Watching Skyler and his best friend Jordan having so much fun together!
-75 degree temperatures!
-Just getting to relax and enjoy my family!
Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! We are so blessed to have Christ in our lives! The kids also seemed to really focus more on the true meaning of Christmas this year. They were also happy to get what they wanted for Christmas from Santa, a trampoline for the family. Kenz got Cookie the dog, and Skyler got tablet/mp3 thing. Merry Christmas!
Enjoying a little shade at the Wetlands park!
My little sweet kiddos!
Alison and Jeremy
Granny talking about Christmas as a child, we love her so much!
Grandma and Grandpa Devey playing Just Dance 3, so incredibly awesome!

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