Saturday, January 7, 2012

Happy New Year Family and Friends!

The biggest change for the Devey family in 2011 was a move to Logan, Utah. Ali got a job teaching at Utah State University in a program teaching deaf children how to speak and listen with the use of cochlear implants and hearing aids. She also trains graduate students who are entering the fields of Deaf Education, Speech Pathology, and Audiology. She submitted proposals to both the EDHI Convention and the AG Bell Convention and both of her presentation proposals were accepted, so she will be presenting in St. Louis in March and then in Phoenix in July, she is excited, but quite nervous as well! She loves living in Logan and surprisingly the cold temps have not bothered her a bit. Her hobbies this year have been swimming in the mornings before work, going with Jeremy to the Logan temple once a week, and spending time with her family.

Jeremy has loved Utah as well. He has developed a couple of hobbies this year that has been great for him. Due to his seizures, he has not been driving for several months, so he has become an avid walker. Some days he will walk to my work (9 miles). He has the bus system down and always has interesting stories to share regarding public transportation. He enjoys making bows and arrows; it is somewhat therapeutic for him. He started a diet for epilepsy this year, it regulates the ketones in his body and seems to be helping with his seizures, not to mention his weight, he has lost 70 pounds since August! He also enjoys fishing, hiking, and spending time with his family!

Skyler is almost 12 years old. He started middle school this year and loving it! He has made a ton of friends in our neighborhood and is so happy not to deal with the bullies he had in Yuma, he does however miss his best friend Jordan a ton! He still loves catching bugs, snakes, frogs, etc. He recently began taking piano lessons and is picking it up quickly. He is also big on exercising; he is constantly doing push-ups and sit-ups and has quite the little 6-pack going on. He has developed a love for sarcasm this year and is always making us laugh! He is such a good boy and we are so blessed to have him in our family.

Makenzie will be 9 years old in February, my baby has grown up. It seems like just yesterday she was born and now she is already in the 3rd grade. She is doing fabulous in school; her reading is off the charts. She loves reading the scriptures at night as a family and we are amazed at how she reads all the big words without even a pause. She is doing dance and piano this year and enjoys it so much! She was baptized last February and looked like a little angel in her white dress! This February she will be on a panel for Utah’s chapter of Hands and Voices discussing her hearing loss and answering questions; she is very excited! She is quite a little advocate for her hearing loss and even ran a booth at a USU audiology convention this year about cochlear implants. We are very proud of her; she has a lot of sass and a strong personality. She loves helping her mama out, giving pedicures, and driving her brother crazy! We love her so much!

We hope your 2012 adventures are great, that you will be blessed with health and prosperity! We love you all and feel so blessed to have our family, friends, and the gospel of Jesus Christ in our lives. Happy New Years!


Jeremy, Ali, Skyler, & MaKenzie Devey

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Kristal said...

hold the flipping phone! Skyler started middle school?! WHAT?! NO!!! NO!!! NO!!! Ugh, these stinking kids of ours Ali. I hate it! I want a bunch of 0-3 year olds. FOREVER! Ok, potty trained ones, but I DO NOT want big kids! Alright, I do, they're fun too, but soon enough our boys will be on missions! UGH!!!!!!!