Sunday, February 5, 2012

Interview With MaKenzie-9 Years Old

Kenzie's 9th b-day
Cake made by daddy!
Poster for a party game, "Pin the mic on Justin Beiber."

What is your favorite color?: Just pink
What is your favorite food?: Ramen
What is your favorite song?: Called to Serve
What is your favorite movie?: Dolphin Tale
What is your favorite thing to do?: Hula hoop, I know how to hula hoop really good now because in dance class I started to get the knack of hula hooping, now I want to hula hoop very badly.

What is your favorite scripture story?: Genesis chapter 2 verse 12... Me: what is that about? Kenz: I sorta forgot what it was about, but I know I really like that one.

What is your favorite TV show?: Hmm let me think, OH Phineas and Feb.
What is your favorite toy?: My big pink ball which I am playing with right now.
Tell me something funny about you.: My knock knock jokes, Knock knock...( went into some nonsense knock knock joke).

What is something special about you?: That I have an implant and hearing to help me hear.
Tell me something else special about you?: That I have a glittery magic ball, I call it a magic ball, I got it for my birthday.
Me: is it really magic?
Kenz: of course not, I just pretend it is, hey maybe it really is full of magic, that would be cool.

What do you love about Skyler?: How handsome he is and how much I think he looks like Justin Beiber. I really think he does, I looked at my poster and he looks a lot like Skyler. (Skyler is very angry about this answer and is begging me to delete it, he is not a Beiber fan).

What do you and Skyler like to do together?: Play and jump on the trampoline together?
What do you love about mom?: That she is nice and does so much for me.
What do you love about dad?: That he is very good at selling bows, that he's nice, and he drives me to school and home from school now.

Who is your best friend?: Kendalyn because she is nice and she wanted to be my best friend too, so now we are BFFs, except I moved to Utah and now I don't get to be close to her. There is like probably 300 million thousand miles between us.

Who is your hero?: The holy ghost because he leads me and guides me and tells me what is right and wrong, and he helps me not get tempted by Satan.

What is your favorite candy?: Let me think...Hershey bars, I love them so much, they taste soooo good.

Tell me your favorite memory.: My favorite memory is going to Disney Land. HHHHHEEEEYYYYY Skyler kicked away my ball, ugghhh I don't like that... Disney land was my favorite because it is quite lovely and wonderful. We still haven't gone to Disney Land for my 8th birthday and now I am 9, why not, it's no fair.

-Anything you want to say to read later on when you are all grown up.: I love myself Kenzie, you are a great self, hahahaha, please, please tell Skyler sorry for being so mean to him sometimes. I like myself, I am the best person I have ever known, hahahahhhahahah.
Skyler: Kenz that makes you sound like a brat.
Kenz: no, Skyler I mean I am the best person I have ever been, but I am the only person, hahaha. Can I call my self self-tastic? Hahah, OK hugs and Kisses to myself, I love you and hope you have a great future myself, how is the future doing. Write in your journal the next few years, please find someone to help you eventually and fall in love with, hahaha just joking. This is dedicated into the name of myself. Oh and please help your children to be kind and nice to each other because I am mean to Skyler sometimes. Be good self, bye bye.

Wow, my head is spinning trying to keep up with everything coming out of her mouth, she is quite the silly little lady! I am so blessed to have her for my daughter, she is such a light in this family. I love her tender moments, I can tolerate her sassy/grouchy moments, I love her goofy comments and witty remarks. I just love her so much and want her to know how proud I am of her. She is such a strong little girl. We had the most fun day yesterday, we went shopping to spend her b-day money, she bought clothes, but she was very selective, so we went to several stores and tired on countless outfits, she had a blast! Then we ate lunch together at Golden Corral and then she got her first pedicure. (Jeremy and I came home Wednesday night and found water all over the floor from her homemade spa. She has always wanted to get a real pedicure, so I figured that could be a b-day present). She was in heaven and said it was the best day ever! Happy 9th birthday baby girl!

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