Sunday, February 26, 2012

Triathlon Number 2

Waiting in my classroom after registration
After finishing the race!
So I did it again and it was amazing! I got 1st place in my heat in the swim, 2nd place on the bike, and I have no idea what place I came in on the run, most likely around last because I am just not a fast runner, I am more of a steady jogger. I felt great though, last triathlon, I was in bed relaxing the rest of the day, after yesterday's, I didn't stop running around all day. I had my little cheering squad again, Skyler didn't come this time, but he was at home preparing his own special surprise. When I got home from the tri, he surprised me with a cake he baked all by himself, he wrote "Congrats Mom" on it, it was so stinking sweet, and tasty (I allowed myself to eat 1 bite). I still can't believe I am able to compete in these triathlons, just 6 months ago I couldn't even run a mile and now I can run several, bike, and swim all without stopping, I love pushing my body to the limit. I am still doing the Logan weight loss challenge and we have 1 week left, I am currently in 1st place, yay! Since August I have lost 67 pounds, I can't believe it! I could never have done it without Heavenly Father's help. I feel like a different person and I hope I can stick with it, I have always struggled with my weight and I probably always will, but it feels great to be headed in the right direction right now. So triathlon #2 is done, next step a 10K next month, I am super excited!


The Strawn Family said...

WAY TO GO!! You are amazing and you look GREAT!

BJ said...

you inspire me ali!!! I am thinking of doing avery MINI tri in june down here, but i just have no clue how to swim! And i feel like it is impossible for me to even think of doing cause i can't hardly do anything right now...but like you said, 6 months ago you were where i am!!! I can do this!!! Thanks for the inspiration and you truly do look fantastic! Way to go girl and keep it up!!!