Sunday, April 8, 2012

Spring Break Fun!

So this has been the best spring break of my life!!!!!!!!! I can't say anything super crazy/spectacular happened, but we just got to relax and enjoy life all week. Here are a few highlights.
-We did some hiking in the Millville Canyon.
Me (Ali Devey) starting the Millville Canyon hike.
Kids enjoying a rest and a picnic lunch by the stream.
Jeremy and Annie on the hike.

-I did lots of biking, swimming, and running trying to prepare for my upcoming triathlon.
-My mom came on Wednesday to stay for the rest of the week.
-Our kids got bunnies (Cutie Pie and Snowball)

-We went to my step brother Glen Biddulph's amazing cabin for 2 days and just relaxed, played tons of games, and had nice quality time together. Kenzie got sick during the second night which was a bummer, but after a few good pukes and a good night's sleep, she was all better by morning. Oh we hiked down to Bear Lake on Friday and after we got to the lake, a huge cold front with snow and nasty wind pummeled us, it was crazy, we were all freezing and laughing because it was just nuts. We ended up going to a clubhouse pool and waiting in the doorway while we made our nephew Cam go all the way up up to the cabin to bring the truck down. It was a bit of a painfully cold, but awesome experience!
Dyeing Easter Eggs at the cabin.
Twister at the cabin.
Cousins Matt and Cam playing restraunt with Makenzie at the cabin.

-Kids both got new bikes and are in Heaven!

-Had an amazing Easter with our little family!
Me and my sweetheart before church!
Family before church.
Dad and Kenz with our new bunnies!
Grandma Sharon and Jeremy roasting marshmellows by the fire on Easter night, so nice!
-We have also been doing some house hunting during spring break and we think we found the house we are wanting, yay, hope it all works out! Well I got to get to bed since I work in the morning, I am sad break went so darn fast. There is nothing in the world that is better or more satisfying than spending time with my family. Happy Easter, He has risen!

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