Sunday, May 20, 2012

Boys and their Camping

I drove Jeremy and Skyler up to Green Canyon in North Logan this Thursday, they were going up a day early for the ward's Fathers and Sons camp out. After dropping them off, I took Kenz out for ice cream and we had a little girl's night, it was fun, but we missed our boys. As Devey luck would have it, a huge rain storm came in and they ended up spending the majority of the time in the tent eating sunflower seeds, reading Star Wars books, chatting, and freezing their booties off! Friday morning the rain let up and they went for a hike up to a big crevasse in the mountain side. Unfortunately a micro burst storm came back and soaked them from head to toe. I left work early to pick them up. I got them hot chocolate and took them home to thaw out. The Fathers and Sons camp out was cancelled and of course after the cancellation it turned into an absolutely gorgeous evening. Regardless of the rain and cancellation, they had a great father & son experience that I am sure they will not soon forget!
Drop off


               Kenz with her dog she earned for finally memorizing her 1-12 multiplacation facts
                   Skyler with the eggs he has gathered from our hens (sadly we just gave our hens away)
                      Kenz with Brownie, her favorite hen
               Jeremy and the kids fishing at Skylor's Pond.
6 of the 10 kids from our primary class enjoying smores in our backyard
Me and my little lady!