Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Talon's Birth Story

Talon is now 3 months old and already details of his birth are becoming less clear. I figure it is time I document his birth so he can read all about it in the future! As you know, my pregnancy was quite eventful those first few months with the heart issues and miracles that occurred. Doctors were recommending terminating my pregnancy due to the high risk of my heart giving out on me once Talon was born. I knew that was not an option, I loved Tal so much already and I would willingly give my life for him. So after the miracles that took place during that time, everything else began to settle down. I applied for and got a promotion at work, I am the new Program Coordinator of Sound Beginnings (like the principal). I enjoyed a couple of races up until my 7th month of pregnancy. Around that time my blood pressure began to elevate slightly, so the doctor was monitoring that closely. My mom came up to my house here in Utah on the 1st of July, she even got to go to my doctor's appointment with me, they checked me and I was 3 cm dilated and 90% effaced. I was shocked because I was only 36 weeks pregnant. My previous pregnancies I was induced due to pre-eclampsia and it took forever to get to 3 cm. Needless to say, I was pretty excited, but I wanted to go one more week so I could attend a conference in Salt Lake that I was supposed to attend. My doctor kind of chuckled when I asked him if he thought I would make it another week.
The next day my mom went to Ogden because my nephew Bradley was returning from his 2 year mission to Brazil. I went to work feeling a bit sluggish which was normal since I literally was getting up every 45 minutes to pee at night. I was also feeling pretty swollen, but I made it through most of the day at work. Every time I stood up or sat down, my stomach would tighten significantly, but I had no pain at all. ON the way home from work I swung by the doctor's office for a quick blood pressure check. It was elevated, but not too bad, when I told them about my tightening tummy, they decided to examine me and they told me I was pretty much completely effaced and  4 cm dilated. My doctor was not on call, so they told me to go home and stay on bed rest, no more working for me. They also said if anything weird happened or if I felt pain or different in any way at all to just go check into the hospital. So I went home and within 10 minutes, I had some light bleeding. So, I called my mom who said she would drive up to Logan to stay with Skyler and Kenzie and then I hugged and kissed my overwhelmingly excited kids and headed to the hospital. They wanted to come with us SOOOOO bad, but I didn't know what to expect yet, if they would keep me or send me home, up until this point, I still had zero pain.
Skyler and Kenzie giving me a foot rub hoping it would make me go into labor, I liked that game!
      Saying goodbye to my babies and heading to the hospital

When I got to my room and changed into my gown, they checked me and said I was 5 cm dilated, my blood pressure was elevated and that I should probably get an epidural. I told them it seemed silly to get an epidural because I had no pain at all. They said once the pain kicked in my blood pressure would probably sky rocket, so I went ahead and got the epidural. With my previous two deliveries, we had awful experiences with the epidural ( Skyler's delivery it came out of my back, when they redid it after I complained and complained of pain they numbed me up to my head and my BP dropped deathly low. With Kenz my epidural only numbed my right side) this epidural must have worked great because I didn't feel any pain until well after the delivery when it wore off. Since I was comfortable, I called mom and she and the kids came over, we had a lot of fun in the room chatting, using a head massage thing Brad brought back from Brazil, eating countless flavored ice chips, and anxiously awaiting Talon's arrival. My water bag was leaking, so Dr. Noorda broke it the rest of the way, it's so weird to feel that goosh and to instantly feel like you can breath better. The kids had begged to be able to be there for the delivery and I decided to let them.
     Everyone wanted a turn with the head massage thingy
   Our last picture before Talon entered our family

When I was 10 cm and ready to push, Skyler and grandma stood up by my head and Jeremy and Kenz stood at my side and were able to actually see when Talon James Devey made his grand entrance.The doctors and nurses couldn't believe that MaKenzie was deaf or that she knew so much about child birth (She watched a baby story with me every morning for 8 months while I got ready for work). Some of her phrases included: "Hey mom, I think he's crowning," "When will she deliver the placenta thing?" "Oh boy that looks like it hurts." It took 3 contractions/pushes to get him out. I will never forget the feeling that came over me when they placed that 7 pound 2oz little guy on my chest, grandma and Skyler took lots of pictures and we were all teary and oohing and ahhing over the special new addition to our family. As I was being sewn up (I tore REALLY bad) the kids were at the warmer looking at their little brother. I was watching my three children and time literally stood still. I felt a sense of peace that is indescribable. Our family had changed forever, Talon was ours and will be FOREVER. All the feelings of sadness from the years of thinking we would never get the chance to have another baby were instantly washed away. I will NEVER forget how close to heaven we all felt during those tender moments. I can't imagine anyone not believing in God when you can literally feel the Spirit so strong. My children repeatedly thanked me for letting them be a part of the delivery. I was so proud of how mature they both were, it was honestly the best couple of hours of my life so far. Talon James Devey was born at 11:47 on 7/2/13 weighing 7 lbs 2 oz. He is our precious little miracle!


Nibley City Heritage Days

I wish I had more pictures from the fun times we had during the Nibley Heritage Days celebration. Kenzie tried out for and got a part as the main character's dog in the Nibley City play, she was by far the cutest dog I have ever seen! There was a side walk chalk and otter pops day, great concert in the park, mayors dinner, parade, movie in the park, and the week of events ended with  the big Heritage Day celebration in the park ( tons of food, booths, games, a mechanical bull, bounce houses, rock wall). The kids had an amazing time. Kenzie loved being in the play and getting to ride on a float during the parade, those were both firsts for her. We all agree that living in a small town like Nibley is the only way to go!
Cute puppy!
                                       Skyler and Kenzie waiting for the Nibley concert in the park
                                                       Climbing the rock wall at Heritage Days

Kenzie's First City Pageant and Town Celebrations

Kenzie was so excited to be a part of the Nibley City pageant. This is an opportunity for the Nibley girls to come together, put on a fun show and build their self esteem. This is not the pageant where one girls gets a crown and walks away a winner. This is one where they do the typical pageant stuff (minus swim wear) every girl gets a small crown and an award. Kenzie looked so beautiful and did such a great job. For her talent she recited a poem she helped write about her hearing loss, it went like this:

                                                                     My Hearing Loss
The leaves rusting the in the trees
The birds singing sweetly in the breeze
The water rushing in the streams
These are the sounds I hear in my dreams

There was I time I never knew of these sounds
My world was silent, my hearing loss profound
Through surgeries and prayers my world turned around
My hearing aid and implant let me hear sound

Out of all the sounds I love to hear
My favorite is my mom and dad say I love you in my ear.

I love you Kenzie, I am so proud of you and the young lady you have become. You have such  inner and outer beauty, you will always be my little princess!

Sound Beginnings Summer Camp

So every year Sound Beginnings holds a two day long summer camp. We work all year planning amazing activities for the children and workshops for the parents. My co-workers come up with such an awesome kids program. Kenz was on a "children with hearing loss" panel again this year. It is so much fun to watch her advocate for herself and to hear the funny answers she has to the parents questions. This years theme was around the world and Kenzie and Skyler had such a  fun time with it! My boss Stacy's daughter was sick, so I conducted both days of the the parent workshops. I also facilitated the child panel, speed meeting, audiology panel, and did a presentation on self advocacy, it was a great 2 days. My favorite part of the conference was watching the friendships that formed with both parents from all over and between the children. Kenzie had so much fun with a couple of girls who were her age and also had cochlear implants. Becoming friends was just so natural and easy with them having hearing loss in common, it brought tears to my eyes. Kenzie is already so excited for next summer's camp. I have to say being 8 months pregnant and uncomfortable (swollen, and super hot) wasn't my favorite, but I LOVED SUMMER CAMP! Everyone worked so hard for so long and to watch everything come together so nicely is definitely rewarding!
                                                    Kenzie enjoying the Pizza party and Luau at the park

Happy Easter

So I couldn't let Easter go by without a quick picture of our egg hunt and of course sharing how grateful I am for the knowledge I have of my Savior Jesus Christ, that he loved us enough to give his life for us. That he rose again and was resurrected on the 3rd day and because of this, we can be too. I am grateful for him, I love him so much and look forward to being able to see him again when this life is over.

My Presentation at the National EDHI Conference

So I was privileged to present with some amazing co-workers from Sound Beginnings at the Early Detection Hearing Intervention conference this year. The best part about it was it was held in Arizona this year. So we got to leave the icy cold snow of Utah and enjoy the warm Arizona sunshine. I was so excited because not only did I get to attend an awesome conference, but I got to see my family members and friends who still live in AZ. The night I was there, my friend Shelly and her mom drove up from Yuma and we went out to eat and then walk around the outdoor mall. I love the Nutall/Harris family SOOOO much. I got a cute picture of my BFF Shelly and her 'mini-me" Claire, it was a lot of fun! Jeremy's sisters Sarah, Jeanie, Angie, and Brigette came to my hotel one evening and we all went out to eat, it was great getting to visit with them and to  have a bunch of laughs together. I was in a ton of pain though because stupid me spent the day before the conference started studying by the pool. I used sunscreen everywhere except for my white legs and boy oh boy did they burn, I learned a valuable lesson and will never go sunscreen-less again. I literally was so uncomfortable with my preg belly and burned legs, I slept with wet towel on them at night, they were blistered and unbelievably painful!
Anyways, enough about my burn! Our presentation went great and it was so fun catching up with old friends/co-workers. My mom, sister, and I went to Oreganos for dinner one evening, that was delicious and fun at the same time! A huge highlight of my trip was meeting up with Makenzie's former SLP Carla Zimmerman, she was also my boss when I worked at Desert Voices. She has some wonderful news to share, she had been going to the LDS church for a year, had taken the missionary discussions, and was planning on being baptized. My heart was so full of joy hearing the news, it really was a moment I will never forget.
Although I had a good time, I missed Jeremy and the kids desperately! It was nice having Talon with me though although he did cause me to have mass amounts of swelling, so much so that none of my shoes fit, that was fun. When the plane landed back in Salt Lake City, it was so exciting to hobble out to my family, I knew my traveling days would be over for a while now!
                                                             Shelly and Claire Harris
Dinner with the best sister-in-laws EVER!

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Our awesome Talon

We loved getting to see our little man via ultrasound, it completely melted all 4 of our hearts. We took a special Saturday trip to visit a place called Fetal Fotos, the kids were amazed watching their baby brother swimming around. Kenzie was super excited to see his little hands do what she perceived to be the sign for "I love you." After seeing Talon we went to the Living Aquarium, there the kids enjoyed seeing various ocean creatures and touching sting rays, tiny sharks, and star fish. We got burgers and shakes and enjoyed each others company.

Phases of Pregnancy

8 months preg 2 days before Talon's arrival!
                                                                    7 months pregnant
                                                                      6 months pregnant
                                    4 months pregnant getting ready to compete in a mini triathlon

3 months pregnant
It is so funny how long and drawn out pregnancy can be, but how when it is over you sincerely miss feeling that sweet baby doing somersaults in your tummy and kicking you in the ribs. I didn't have an easy pregnancy with Talon, but now as I am typing this post while nursing him, I am just completely overwhelmed with the love I have for this sweet little boy!!!!!! I would go through this pregnancy a hundred times over to have this sweet little angel in my life! I love you Talon, thanks for choosing us to be your family!

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Poem for My Funeral

So now that my huge scare with the possibility of dying following childbirth is over, I look back at the whole situation and it feels like it was all just a huge nightmare. I have a lot of posting to catch up on now that my new little guy has joined our family! The other day, I came across the poem I wrote during that huge scare, I thought that if I died it could be read at my funeral, it still can if I have it documented somewhere where it will be found, let's just hope that funeral won't be for another 50 years or so. My son actually found this and got emotional remembering back to those scary few weeks. I am so grateful to be alive and have my sweet family, they mean the WORLD to me. Well here is the poem...

                                                                 Poem for my funeral
Please remember me when I have gone
when my earthly life is through.
Remember the great times that we shared
when I was here with you.

I will remember my family so dear.
I will miss you so much each day.
When you miss me and are feeling sad
know I am only a breath away.

You may not see me, but I'll be there
watching you learn and grow.
I'll celebrate with you, I'll cry with you,
I love you more than you'll ever know.

Our time was cut short, but it was part of God's plan
this much I know to be true.
We'll have forever to be together
because Christ died for me and you.

I pray you'll feel comfort through the trials of life
and do the best you can each day
and know I'll be waiting to hold you close
when you too return home to stay.
                                                    I love you all more than the words of my heart can express!

Monday, April 1, 2013

Welcome Baby Ellie

We are so excited for our brother and sister-in-law, Tim and Katie Devey, they recently welcomed their sweet daughter Ellie Devey into the world. It was wonderful going to the hospital and holding that sweet baby fresh from Heaven. We fell in love immediately. Good luck Timmy and Katie, you are going to be
fabulous parents!

Drum Roll Please....

20 Weeks Along

So all during this pregnancy, Jeremy and I have been having dreams that we were going to have a little girl. Until the week before my ultrasound, I was positive it was a little girl. Then one night I had a dream that I was holding that tiny little girl and as I went to place her in her car seat, I noticed a little boy sitting in a front facing carseat and was shocked, I remember thinking, wait a second, who are you???? So then I got to thinking that maybe after this one we will still have one more. That definitely threw me for a loop, but sure enough our ultra sound revealed that we were definitely having a little boy! We had the bakery write "It's a boy" on a cake and we had it boxed up nice and tight, we did the big reveal that night after dinner. Skyler was jumping for joy and said, "Yay Dad, we will have another Boy Scout." Kenzie said, "Oh man I wanted a sister." She got a little teary, but she is over it now and just excited to meet her little brother now. So we will be welcoming Talon James Devey to our family July 28th! We are so excited especially since we figured we would probably never have the chance to have another baby.

Miracles Still Happen!

So I have neglected this blog once again. Life has been an emotional roller coaster, that is for sure, but it is all good right now. As you know from my last post, I had quite a bit of scary stuff on my plate with my health. Three different doctors had mentioned terminating this pregnancy to keep me alive. I knew that no matter what I could not do that to this little baby growing in here. I had an appointment at University hospital in Salt Lake City to do a heart catheter procedure to tell me the course of treatment for my Pulmonary Hypertension. The night before the procedure, I had a really special experience. Jeremy had our home teacher come over to give us both blessings, we were physically and emotionally drained. When I was given a blessing, I was told that everything was going to be OK and that I would be healed. I immediately felt a huge weight lifted from my shoulders. When it was Jeremy's turn for a blessing, he said he didn't even need one, he felt good about everything too. That night the bishop from our ward came over to chat with us. He stared at me for a long time and said, I have the feeling that you are going to be healed and everything will be OK. I felt it too. The next morning, Jeremy drove me to SLC, I was already feeling so much better, every little move I made didn't make me short of breath which was so exciting. When they sent us up to ICU, I was feeling like everything would be OK, but super freaked out inside about them ramming a tube/camera through the artery in the right side of my neck and feeding it through the artery, lungs, and then into my heart. They put a heavy plastic blanket/sheet thing over me that just had a small opening on the right side of my neck. They gave me some numbing shots first and then jammed the tube in my neck, Jeremy said it was like a sharp straw going in and the blood went shooting out the top when they did it (so gross). After they had the hollow tube in there, they slid the cord through it and had to push so hard to get it to wind it's way through the path to my heart, it was honestly the worst sensation/feeling ever. It wasn't too painful, but it was an awful feeling. My chest and heart felt so heavy and it caused my heart to do strange things, it definitely did not like having a foreign object in it. I could hear the doctors talking about the pressures in my lungs and they were completely shocked by the numbers they were seeing, they had three different doctors come in to see the numbers because they were perfect which didn't make any sense to them. They said they couldn't explain how their tests from before were not even close to matching up to these ones. I didn't need an explanation though, I knew I had been healed through the power of the priesthood blessing I received. I felt so happy and miserable at the same time. Jeremy was doing a happy dance in the room, I told him I would join him once they took the camera and wires out of my body, ugghhh, yucky. Once I sat for a while with pressure on my neck I was able to leave the hospital, yay! I about died when I saw all the blood in in the trash container next to my bed, I was quite nauseated and light headed, but who cares because my baby and I were going to  be alright!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was wonderful calling family and friends to share the news. I have never felt so blessed to have so many prayers offered on our behalf. So thank you to everyone out there who put my name in the temple and prayed so much for me! I will have to go back to University hospital for some tests on my heart closer to delivery, but other than that, we should be able to have a pretty normal pregnancy/delivery from here on out.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Health Scare and Keeping Faithful

So at work last week, I had a slight headache, just on the left side. I had a meeting to attend and while at the meeting I was "trying" to talk to my co-worker Marge, but my words were getting jumbled and wouldn't come out right. After about 10 times of trying to to say the same thing, Marge walked me back next door to my classroom, a minute later she and my boss came to check on me and drove me home. I was feeling so frustrated because I have never experienced being unable to communicate like that before. On the drive home my right arm went numb and then my lips and gums did too. Jeremy met us out front when we got home and he drove me straight to Urgent Care, the staff at Urgent Care thought I was possibly having a stroke so they sent me to the Emergency Room. After taking blood and doing an MRI, they said it didn't look like a stroke, but more like a complex migraine, usually you can't see evidence of a migraine on an MRI, but my blood vessels on the right side were constricted and they could see several small spots from that. They offered pain meds, but I refused them because it didn't hurt bad, just uncomfortable. I have had migraines before and this was nothing compared to those. It was so odd. They thought I could possibly have a hole in my heart and they wanted to schedule me for an ultrasound of my carotid artery and my heart. The ultrasound of my neck arteries showed the blood flowed fine through the arteries, but there was some plaque building up in the left artery which they said was unusual because you don't usually see any plaque in the neck unless it has spread through the heart. That was a little concerning. The next day I had my heart ultra sound and it seemed to go fine. I just had to wait on the results. Yesterday my OB doctor called me since he had gotten the results. He said it was completely not what he expected. My neck ultrasound looked fine, but the heart one was extremely concerning. He said I had four different things going on, I had Mitral Valve Regurgitation, Tricuspid Valve Regurgitation, my left atrium was enlarged, and the part that had him very worried was I had mild Pulmonary Hypertension, I didn't know what that meant, but he said it would pose some serious problems come time for delivery...With it being a Friday at closing time, he said he would have to call the heart specialist who sent him the results next week and get more information from him,  then he would meet with me soon. One word of advice, never search the internet when you are worried, Jeremy and I are so terrified now. Everything I have looked up about Pulmonary Hypertension while pregnant is very very scary. I have read at least 20 different hospital websites, research articles, etc and everyone of them says "You must avoid becoming pregnant if you have PH." They recommend terminating the pregnancy as soon as you find out. Obviously we would never do that, I can feel my baby moving now and I know she/he is meant to be a part of our family. A large percentage of mothers die within 12 days of having their babies. I will post more about what we find out after we meet with the specialist, for now it is just a matter of remaining faithful and knowing everything is in the Lord's hands.

Our HUGE news!

So Jeremy and I have wanted another baby for about 8 years. We had so many hurdles in our path and didn't know if it would be in the cards for us. We are so blessed to have our sweet son and our beautiful daughter, but we felt like someone was waiting to join our family. We have contemplated whether or not to start trying, finally after much prayer, I decided to turn it over to the Lord, we ended up getting pregnant that month. We know this baby is meant to join our family. I waited to take a pregnancy test until my birthday, November 26th, 2013. At 3:00 am I snuck off to the bathroom and hooray those two lines appeared, I had a little life growing inside of me, I immediately teared up and went back to bed. I lied there dreaming about how this would change our lives, worrying if we could manage it with me working, hoping Jeremy would continue to be free of his seizures, just so many thoughts, but mostly gratitude. I woke Jeremy up and he got emotional and so excited, it was such a special birthday. We thought we would hold off on telling the kids until Christmas, but that didn't last. We took them shopping in Dec and told them that after we got our groceries we would let them get an early Christmas present, they liked that plan. After we had our groceries, we took them to the diaper aisle and told them to pick a pack, they were confused at first and then Skyler says, "You are going to have a baby!!!!!!!" "Kenz after digesting it say, "What, YOU"RE PREGNANT????" "Oh mommy" (she runs and hugs me). It was so special. Now the date is February 9th, 2013 and we find out in 11 days what we are having! My due date is July 28th, it will be a busy summer, praying everything will go alright, we have some VERY scary things going on right now with my health, I will post more about that next, I don't want to taint this happy post!

Proud papa!

December 2012

Biddulph family Christmas party nativity!

Grandma and Makenzie

Our kids ready to dive into their presents Christmas morning

Christmas Eve reading of Thomas S. Monson's The Christmas Train

Me and my babies, I LOVE MY FAMILY!

Our beautiful home at Christmas

This Christmas was a special one for us. We had some amazing miracles come our way after Thanksgiving this year and we enjoyed celebrating the birth of our Savior in our home. We did miss spending the holiday with our extended family, however we loved not having to travel during our short 2 week break.Another year has come and gone, it was one of the best years yet!!!!!!!!!! We will see what 2013 brings~

November 2012

Pit stop to see Brigette's family on our way to Saint George, they were visiting Wade's family for Thanksgiving.

Oops, Wayne broke the turkey, it was quite comical.
Seth Arnold with his SJ and sister Reagan and brother Johnny, so cute!

Grandma Priscilla with Heather Hally, and Aunt Dru

Skyler and cousin Kiley ready to feast!

Kenzie with Grandma and Grandpa Devey

Priscilla with Reagan and MaKenzie

Visit to Cove Fort on the way back to Logan, AWESOME!

Cove Fort
We had a great Thanksgiving at Aunt Dru's house. I had a freaky foot problem, so I was hobbling the whole time, but it was so great to be with out family. Wayne took Jeremy and I Black Friday shopping on Thanksgiving night, we got some great deals, but were ready to go home right away, we are not into the big crowds. We were able to go to the St. George temple to perform some temple ordinances with Wayne, Priscilla, Seth and Heather, it was wonderful! Kenzie kept with tradition and got the flu the last night of our stay, that was stressful, but all in all it was a wonderful Thanksgiving and we are so grateful for our wonderful family and all of our many blessings!

Pictures from September and October 2012

Our Family was able to attend the Brigham City, Utah open house, it was amazing! Kenzie and Skyler both felt the Spirit and talked about how excited they are to be able to get married in the temple one day!

Brigham City Temple

I ran my first Top of Utah Half Marthon, I did it in like 130 minutes, I was proud of my time for it being my first one, I didn't walk at all during the whole event! I can't believe I was able to do it! My mom cried and cheered as I crossed the finish line! My feet were so blistered, but I was flying high all day!

I met two of my college roommates (Kristal and Miken) in Heber, UT for swiss days! Wet and rainy, but sooo much fun!

Had a great time riding jet skiis at Willard Bay, thanks Glen and Genette! We love grandma Sharon!

Race for Hearing with Justin Osmond and lots of my Sound Beginnings coworkers!

My boy's handsome football pictures!

Mustang basketball, she LOVES basketball now!

Me and my best friend Shelly at her sister Tiffany's sealing, I LOVE THIS GIRL!

Tiffany, Nick, Jayson, and Chloee Blank's sealing, a beautiful family forever!

Our friends came to Utah for a few days to visit, it was great!

Date night! I love my boy!

One of our last hikes before winter came, LOVE Logan and all the beautiful hiking trails!

My sweetheart!

My rocker and Raggedy Anne!

Sound Beginnings staff obviously at Halloween, so much fun!