Saturday, February 9, 2013

Pictures from September and October 2012

Our Family was able to attend the Brigham City, Utah open house, it was amazing! Kenzie and Skyler both felt the Spirit and talked about how excited they are to be able to get married in the temple one day!

Brigham City Temple

I ran my first Top of Utah Half Marthon, I did it in like 130 minutes, I was proud of my time for it being my first one, I didn't walk at all during the whole event! I can't believe I was able to do it! My mom cried and cheered as I crossed the finish line! My feet were so blistered, but I was flying high all day!

I met two of my college roommates (Kristal and Miken) in Heber, UT for swiss days! Wet and rainy, but sooo much fun!

Had a great time riding jet skiis at Willard Bay, thanks Glen and Genette! We love grandma Sharon!

Race for Hearing with Justin Osmond and lots of my Sound Beginnings coworkers!

My boy's handsome football pictures!

Mustang basketball, she LOVES basketball now!

Me and my best friend Shelly at her sister Tiffany's sealing, I LOVE THIS GIRL!

Tiffany, Nick, Jayson, and Chloee Blank's sealing, a beautiful family forever!

Our friends came to Utah for a few days to visit, it was great!

Date night! I love my boy!

One of our last hikes before winter came, LOVE Logan and all the beautiful hiking trails!

My sweetheart!

My rocker and Raggedy Anne!

Sound Beginnings staff obviously at Halloween, so much fun!

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