Thursday, September 26, 2013

Phases of Pregnancy

8 months preg 2 days before Talon's arrival!
                                                                    7 months pregnant
                                                                      6 months pregnant
                                    4 months pregnant getting ready to compete in a mini triathlon

3 months pregnant
It is so funny how long and drawn out pregnancy can be, but how when it is over you sincerely miss feeling that sweet baby doing somersaults in your tummy and kicking you in the ribs. I didn't have an easy pregnancy with Talon, but now as I am typing this post while nursing him, I am just completely overwhelmed with the love I have for this sweet little boy!!!!!! I would go through this pregnancy a hundred times over to have this sweet little angel in my life! I love you Talon, thanks for choosing us to be your family!

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