Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Nibley City Heritage Days

I wish I had more pictures from the fun times we had during the Nibley Heritage Days celebration. Kenzie tried out for and got a part as the main character's dog in the Nibley City play, she was by far the cutest dog I have ever seen! There was a side walk chalk and otter pops day, great concert in the park, mayors dinner, parade, movie in the park, and the week of events ended with  the big Heritage Day celebration in the park ( tons of food, booths, games, a mechanical bull, bounce houses, rock wall). The kids had an amazing time. Kenzie loved being in the play and getting to ride on a float during the parade, those were both firsts for her. We all agree that living in a small town like Nibley is the only way to go!
Cute puppy!
                                       Skyler and Kenzie waiting for the Nibley concert in the park
                                                       Climbing the rock wall at Heritage Days

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