Wednesday, October 2, 2013

My Presentation at the National EDHI Conference

So I was privileged to present with some amazing co-workers from Sound Beginnings at the Early Detection Hearing Intervention conference this year. The best part about it was it was held in Arizona this year. So we got to leave the icy cold snow of Utah and enjoy the warm Arizona sunshine. I was so excited because not only did I get to attend an awesome conference, but I got to see my family members and friends who still live in AZ. The night I was there, my friend Shelly and her mom drove up from Yuma and we went out to eat and then walk around the outdoor mall. I love the Nutall/Harris family SOOOO much. I got a cute picture of my BFF Shelly and her 'mini-me" Claire, it was a lot of fun! Jeremy's sisters Sarah, Jeanie, Angie, and Brigette came to my hotel one evening and we all went out to eat, it was great getting to visit with them and to  have a bunch of laughs together. I was in a ton of pain though because stupid me spent the day before the conference started studying by the pool. I used sunscreen everywhere except for my white legs and boy oh boy did they burn, I learned a valuable lesson and will never go sunscreen-less again. I literally was so uncomfortable with my preg belly and burned legs, I slept with wet towel on them at night, they were blistered and unbelievably painful!
Anyways, enough about my burn! Our presentation went great and it was so fun catching up with old friends/co-workers. My mom, sister, and I went to Oreganos for dinner one evening, that was delicious and fun at the same time! A huge highlight of my trip was meeting up with Makenzie's former SLP Carla Zimmerman, she was also my boss when I worked at Desert Voices. She has some wonderful news to share, she had been going to the LDS church for a year, had taken the missionary discussions, and was planning on being baptized. My heart was so full of joy hearing the news, it really was a moment I will never forget.
Although I had a good time, I missed Jeremy and the kids desperately! It was nice having Talon with me though although he did cause me to have mass amounts of swelling, so much so that none of my shoes fit, that was fun. When the plane landed back in Salt Lake City, it was so exciting to hobble out to my family, I knew my traveling days would be over for a while now!
                                                             Shelly and Claire Harris
Dinner with the best sister-in-laws EVER!

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