Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Sound Beginnings Summer Camp

So every year Sound Beginnings holds a two day long summer camp. We work all year planning amazing activities for the children and workshops for the parents. My co-workers come up with such an awesome kids program. Kenz was on a "children with hearing loss" panel again this year. It is so much fun to watch her advocate for herself and to hear the funny answers she has to the parents questions. This years theme was around the world and Kenzie and Skyler had such a  fun time with it! My boss Stacy's daughter was sick, so I conducted both days of the the parent workshops. I also facilitated the child panel, speed meeting, audiology panel, and did a presentation on self advocacy, it was a great 2 days. My favorite part of the conference was watching the friendships that formed with both parents from all over and between the children. Kenzie had so much fun with a couple of girls who were her age and also had cochlear implants. Becoming friends was just so natural and easy with them having hearing loss in common, it brought tears to my eyes. Kenzie is already so excited for next summer's camp. I have to say being 8 months pregnant and uncomfortable (swollen, and super hot) wasn't my favorite, but I LOVED SUMMER CAMP! Everyone worked so hard for so long and to watch everything come together so nicely is definitely rewarding!
                                                    Kenzie enjoying the Pizza party and Luau at the park

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