Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Talon's Birth Story

Talon is now 3 months old and already details of his birth are becoming less clear. I figure it is time I document his birth so he can read all about it in the future! As you know, my pregnancy was quite eventful those first few months with the heart issues and miracles that occurred. Doctors were recommending terminating my pregnancy due to the high risk of my heart giving out on me once Talon was born. I knew that was not an option, I loved Tal so much already and I would willingly give my life for him. So after the miracles that took place during that time, everything else began to settle down. I applied for and got a promotion at work, I am the new Program Coordinator of Sound Beginnings (like the principal). I enjoyed a couple of races up until my 7th month of pregnancy. Around that time my blood pressure began to elevate slightly, so the doctor was monitoring that closely. My mom came up to my house here in Utah on the 1st of July, she even got to go to my doctor's appointment with me, they checked me and I was 3 cm dilated and 90% effaced. I was shocked because I was only 36 weeks pregnant. My previous pregnancies I was induced due to pre-eclampsia and it took forever to get to 3 cm. Needless to say, I was pretty excited, but I wanted to go one more week so I could attend a conference in Salt Lake that I was supposed to attend. My doctor kind of chuckled when I asked him if he thought I would make it another week.
The next day my mom went to Ogden because my nephew Bradley was returning from his 2 year mission to Brazil. I went to work feeling a bit sluggish which was normal since I literally was getting up every 45 minutes to pee at night. I was also feeling pretty swollen, but I made it through most of the day at work. Every time I stood up or sat down, my stomach would tighten significantly, but I had no pain at all. ON the way home from work I swung by the doctor's office for a quick blood pressure check. It was elevated, but not too bad, when I told them about my tightening tummy, they decided to examine me and they told me I was pretty much completely effaced and  4 cm dilated. My doctor was not on call, so they told me to go home and stay on bed rest, no more working for me. They also said if anything weird happened or if I felt pain or different in any way at all to just go check into the hospital. So I went home and within 10 minutes, I had some light bleeding. So, I called my mom who said she would drive up to Logan to stay with Skyler and Kenzie and then I hugged and kissed my overwhelmingly excited kids and headed to the hospital. They wanted to come with us SOOOOO bad, but I didn't know what to expect yet, if they would keep me or send me home, up until this point, I still had zero pain.
Skyler and Kenzie giving me a foot rub hoping it would make me go into labor, I liked that game!
      Saying goodbye to my babies and heading to the hospital

When I got to my room and changed into my gown, they checked me and said I was 5 cm dilated, my blood pressure was elevated and that I should probably get an epidural. I told them it seemed silly to get an epidural because I had no pain at all. They said once the pain kicked in my blood pressure would probably sky rocket, so I went ahead and got the epidural. With my previous two deliveries, we had awful experiences with the epidural ( Skyler's delivery it came out of my back, when they redid it after I complained and complained of pain they numbed me up to my head and my BP dropped deathly low. With Kenz my epidural only numbed my right side) this epidural must have worked great because I didn't feel any pain until well after the delivery when it wore off. Since I was comfortable, I called mom and she and the kids came over, we had a lot of fun in the room chatting, using a head massage thing Brad brought back from Brazil, eating countless flavored ice chips, and anxiously awaiting Talon's arrival. My water bag was leaking, so Dr. Noorda broke it the rest of the way, it's so weird to feel that goosh and to instantly feel like you can breath better. The kids had begged to be able to be there for the delivery and I decided to let them.
     Everyone wanted a turn with the head massage thingy
   Our last picture before Talon entered our family

When I was 10 cm and ready to push, Skyler and grandma stood up by my head and Jeremy and Kenz stood at my side and were able to actually see when Talon James Devey made his grand entrance.The doctors and nurses couldn't believe that MaKenzie was deaf or that she knew so much about child birth (She watched a baby story with me every morning for 8 months while I got ready for work). Some of her phrases included: "Hey mom, I think he's crowning," "When will she deliver the placenta thing?" "Oh boy that looks like it hurts." It took 3 contractions/pushes to get him out. I will never forget the feeling that came over me when they placed that 7 pound 2oz little guy on my chest, grandma and Skyler took lots of pictures and we were all teary and oohing and ahhing over the special new addition to our family. As I was being sewn up (I tore REALLY bad) the kids were at the warmer looking at their little brother. I was watching my three children and time literally stood still. I felt a sense of peace that is indescribable. Our family had changed forever, Talon was ours and will be FOREVER. All the feelings of sadness from the years of thinking we would never get the chance to have another baby were instantly washed away. I will NEVER forget how close to heaven we all felt during those tender moments. I can't imagine anyone not believing in God when you can literally feel the Spirit so strong. My children repeatedly thanked me for letting them be a part of the delivery. I was so proud of how mature they both were, it was honestly the best couple of hours of my life so far. Talon James Devey was born at 11:47 on 7/2/13 weighing 7 lbs 2 oz. He is our precious little miracle!



sarah loveless said...

Precious ! Brought tears to my eyes (the happy kind). So excited for you :)

Katie said...

Aaand I started crying in the first paragraph. So so glad Talon is a part of your family! And it's so funny and awesome that your kids wanted to be there so badly...what a special experience.

Tara said...

What a blessing that everything ended up great but so sorry for all the troubles and challenges along the way. What a precious baby!